The aim of Gagnaveitu Reykjavíkur is to connect every home and company with fiber optics

Gagnaveita Reykjavíkur


In the future we at Gagnaveita Reykjavíkur want to be a leader in telecommunication for homes and companies in our service area. The company will be in the forefront with the internet of things by great knowledge and strong foundation. Our aim is that Gagnaveita Reykjavíkur will be the first choice for companies and individuals for affordable high speed internet.


Reykjavik Fibre Network does not compete with service providers. We focus on our own strengths which are operating our state-of-the-art open access network and providing exceptional service to all our partners, and all our consumers and customers. Because we have a mission to enhance the lives of citizens and improve conditions for businesses and communities, we have a very good track record of reinvesting our profits to make sure our network is world class and as future-proof as possible. 

At the end of the day, our ultimate beneficial shareholders are the people of Reykjavik city, who are also our primary end user customers.


The Smart Home and Smart Community

It's not only the homes that are getting smarter but the community as a whole. Soon we will all be living in a smart community where our gadgets have started communicating and futuristic ideals which we once thought absurd have now become reality. The smart community should be more sustainable by minimizing waste of time and other resources.

Already in development are smart trash cans that use power from batteries and connect to the internet. The trash cans inform when they are full so the garbage truck can be dispatched. This setup has the possibility of lowering costs for municipalities by reducing the number of trips and thus minimizing staff workload.

What if the traffic was smart? It could decrease traffic jams by approximately 20-30%. We could then find the ideal route online by choosing routes with the least traffic during different parts of the day.

Service Mission

Reykjavik Fibre Network's goal is to provide excellent service to customers and partners alike. One step in that matter is to launch a service website. We have five Key Performance Indicators (KPI). When we service our customers we give six promises which we measure regularly. The service promises show what the customer can expect.

  1. How we approach service
    • We listen, consult and warmly welcome customers
    • Motto: Polite, show respect, helpful, friendly and professional
  2. Response time
    • We answer customers as soon as possible and return calls the same day if asked
    • We respond to communications within 24 hours during business days, service interruptions go to immediate processing
  3. Enquiry resolution
    • We resolve enquiries professionally and inform people of their progress
    • Motto: We explain things in simple terms, we don't throw enquiries between us and are result orientated
  4. Reliability
    • We react as soon as possible
    • Customers without connection take priority
    • If we miss a phonecall we call back (if we have a direct number)
  5. Safety
    • Safety of our customers and staff is of utmost importance to us. We show responsibility in the field as well as in the office. We are well visible out in the field and put up relevant safety measures.


Smart Health

Internet of Things and the implementation of Smart Cities, Communities and the Smart home is revolutionizing how we look at our health. Not only is the Healthcare industry utilizing new ways of providing better services but other industries are as well offering new solutions for people to both monitor their health better as well as new services to connect the two together.

Already the internet and tablets are streamlining and improving the treatment of people. The nursing services in the Netherlands are utilizing video conferencing via tablets to ensure and monitor intake of medicine as well as other treatments.


Smart watches are a very good example of how IoT has had a substantial impact on peoples health in the long run. The current smart watches can monitor major biometrics with the possibilty of communicating them to relevant services.