Fim, 02/04/2016 - 18:15

Cisco and Reykjavik Fibre Network partner to make Iceland a test bed for the Internet of Everything

Cisco and Reykjavik Fibre Network partner to make Iceland a test bed for the Internet of Everything.

Cisco partners with Reykjavik Fibre Network

Cisco will partner with Reykjavik Fibre Network (Gagnaveita Reykjavikur) to power Icelandic homes with 1000 megabits per second Internet speeds in 2016, providing a test bed for smart homes and communities.

Reykjavik Fibre Network has signed an agreement with Cisco to promote and encourage cutting-edge new third party technologies that utilize Reykjavik Fibre Network’s open access fibre network exclusively based on Cisco Networking Technologies. Third party companies with cutting edge smart solutions and Internet of Everything technologies are invited to pioneer them on top of this platform, create case studies, and reference installations in Iceland.

Reykjavik Fibre Network builds and runs one of the most advanced and unique True Open Access Fibre Networks. The network is already offering 100% Fibre to the Home (FTTH) connectivity in the City of Reykjavik and will connect every home in neighboring towns by 2018. The City of Reykjavik provides 100% green energy to the city, thus making the environmental footprint of data and communications activities marginal.

Supporting quotes

Erling Gudmundsson, Reykjavik Fibre Network’s CEO, said: “An average home owner can easily have 500 megabits per second connections up and down right now; if they wanted, they could even have 1000 megabits. We have already started testing 10 gigabits per second symmetric connections over the same fibre and have really raised the bar with such fast speeds available to the masses - the potential uses are endless. As a result, we want to become a test bed for the rest of the world, utilizing our network. Being a true open access means it is available to all provider companies who want to make use of it”.

Peter Karlströmer, Cisco’s Senior Vice President for Northern Europe, said: “With the open access network in place, and 100% penetration in Reykjavik City, the only limits to its use are people’s imagination about how to use it. I can see that Reykjavik’s Fibre Networks, based on Cisco’s technology, would be a perfect test location for pioneers and innovators of all things smart, including: Smart Cities, Smart Communities, Smart Homes and the Internet of Everything.”